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One Step Back, Two Steps Closer

The house and half acre of land inside Indianapolis that we were really looking forward to owning slipped right out of our hands…

(One of our favourite wineries in Upstate New York for good vibes.)

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We got our first box totally free and our second box comes next week.

Taken with Instagram

I had to bake with ingredients I had at home last night. Artemia loved it.

Artemia and her new hat.

diamond candle rings size 7

My newly adopted babies have made it to Kansas and are awaiting a new garden.

Marimo Moss artCain Etsy


Didn’t get to Graceland this year. Mr. Eternal Silence

I can’t seem to find where I saved our last visit there. Oh, technology. 

artCain ♥

A yellow day lily struggles against the autumn colours and frost this morning. 

Nature isn’t ready for Fall just yet!

Autumn Mushrooms of Indianapolis cemetery. Lion’s Mane edible? 

Found this geocaching with my sister.

Air Plant Pumpkin wine cork desk garden, soil less culture

Brown glazed pottery pumpkin is recycled from a baking ramekin to grow a living Tillandsia fuchsii anywhere! Decoration for Halloween, Samhain, Thanksgiving, or a gift for the Fall nature lover in your life!

Air Plants do not need soil to grow.


Air Plants in Recycled Red Wine Corks. No dirty hands ever! [SHOP]

Naturally Strong Magnets are embedded to create a garden anywhere.


More Marimo balls are off to see the postman to become gardens around America.

Bandit, I wasn’t finished ironing the last shirt before you made a spot for your hairy butt.


Artemia found a well pump in a cemetery we got lost in geocaching.

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